Wear What You Have Before You Buy Something New

Let me ask you this hard question and be honest with yourself. Are you shopping for new and thrifted products but NOT wearing what you already have? 

Don't worry. This is a problem for many of us and we can be very tempted to feel the need to buy something new. But why do you need that new thing and why do you feel the need to buy all the time?

I'm not going to tell you to avoid shopping because that's unrealistic but I want to shed some light on an issue that gets a lot of us in trouble, including me.

Story time.

My husband has gifted me with lots of purses over the years and I love every single one of them. So he did what any spouse would do. He continued to buy me more and more bags year after year. My mother has also gifted me with several large Dooney and Bourke bags since she is a Dooney fan herself. My large totes became very useful when my kids were smaller as they served as a diaper bag. Then came the shoulder and neck pain. My bags became heavier and the shoulder pain wasn't getting better. So eventually I had to put them away for a while. I let my beloved purses sit untouched for a long time, like 3 to 5 years sitting. Even though I'm not carrying diapers and bottles anymore, I found it convenient to carry smaller bags of any style like my smaller totes, cross bodies and back packs.

I like being able to get up and go with my current favorite bags and wallets, especially the smaller ones, but I knew sooner or later I had to bring out my oldies. No matter how often I thrift shop and receive new gifts, I still had to wear what I already have. I just can't bring myself to sell or donate them.

Is this you? Maybe with shoes, jewelry, or beauty products?

Here's my short and sweet answer for you. Use what you already have FIRST. For many people this is hard to do because they get pleasure from retail therapy. If they're gifts, we may feel guilty if we donate or sell something that someone else paid for, especially if we have high hopes of using them someday. Remember this - everything doesn't last forever and you should enjoy your products now. 

This means don't wait for a special occasion to get dressed up. If you experience fluctuating weight, prolonging wearing your clothes for special occasions such as fancy dinner dates and parties may not be ideal. If you have a lot of cosmetics and bath and beauty products, these things eventually expire so enjoy them now. For my shoe collectors, you know who you are, wear your shoes! Our style is how we express ourselves outwardly, its the first thing people see and helps to elevate our moods. We feel better about ourselves and enjoy the occasional compliments from friends, family and random people on the street.

Remember these tips:

1) Start with one item at a time and build your look around it. This doesn't have to be difficult. 

2) Set small goals for yourself to minimize shopping. Start with one month at a time. Look back at your past purchases in a single month. You might be surprised with how much you spend especially if you're having difficulty with saving money. Challenge yourself to avoid unnecessary shopping.

I hope these tips help you! Keep me posted on your journey!




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