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Take A Break From Washing Your Jeans

Denim washing is something to be questioned when we talk about the frequency of how often we should wash them. There are people that wash them after every wear and others, well, they wait over a year. Yes. A year. Why? Studies show that you don't need to wash you jeans as much as you think you do. "But what about dirt, smells, and yucky bacteria?" This question relies on your personal preference. It is recommended that you don't wash your jeans so much. 

If you have a little dirt here and there, don't wash them. Simple wipe the dirt off if its easy to remove.

If your favorite pair of jeans start to smell, hang dry them outside or wipe them down with fabric softener.

If you have concerns about bacteria, stick them in the freezer. 

I know these tips may sound absolutely bizarre, but believe it or not, people are actually doing this. Denim is a strong fabric that can withstand a lot of abuse. Washing too much could disrupt the natural fibers, especially those that have a denim blend with elastic and lycra. You could be doing more harm than good with over washing. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned $$$ just to ruin their jeans in less than a year.

Think about how often kids wear their jeans. They're rolling in the grass, dirt, floor, spilling food and drinks on themselves...the list goes on. From personal experience, I do not wash my jeans after every use and only after I've worn them around 5 times.

Reducing the number of times you wash your jeans saves on the amount of water and energy used. You're lifestyle and location should also determine how often this needs to be done. 

If washing must be done, keep it very minimal. Turn jeans inside out and wash in cold water only. Hang dry.

Is there a right or wrong way to keep your jeans lasting longer? Perhaps, but at the end of the day, you do what you feel comfortable with and what you think is necessary

 Share your thoughts. Do you wash your jeans too much? What tips do you use to preserve them?

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