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I'm on a new fashion journey.

Confession time. For the past two years I have kept myself stuck in the same style of clothes nearly every single day CONSISTENTLY. T shirts, jeans, sweats, sneakers and hats. This has always been my style but I've been rocking this style even more since the pandemic started and I worked from home.

It came to me recently that I'm getting bored with my choice of clothes and wearing slim fitting jeans just isn't doing it for me these days. I put on casual attire when I go to the office and get a little fancy on date night with hubby. That's it.

This time, I'm challenging myself to do better. Even on the days when I work from home, I make an effort to wear something that is not a T shirt and even throw on some jewelry too.

Today, I decided to wear my faux fur Banana Republic sweater that my in-laws thrifted for me, my slouchy jeans that I stole from my husband and my vintage clip on earrings.

If you're feeling stuck in your style, challenge yourself to do it differently. Start with one garment at a time and slowly build your way up to your desired style.

This can be as simple as wearing casual blouses and tops instead of T shirts on  a dinner date. 💎

Wear dress pants instead of jeans.

Wear casual shoes instead of tennis shoes.

If you're stuck in the neutral zone and want to add some color to your life, start by choosing two pieces at a time, one that is a simple pop of color and the other that has a pop of color with patterns.

Make it fun without overwhelming yourself!

Let me know if you've had similar style struggles.

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