Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #2

Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #2

Welcome back! 

I woke up at 2AM (again) and at 6:20PM typing this blog I'm still surprised that I'm alert enough to type this.

So today was a small haul kind of day. I shopped in Livonia today and shopped at one house in Redford. Livonia is a sweet spot for me and I find some great new and use thrifted finds there. Ivory and I hit the mall for less than an hour and then off to the thrift sales. I found lots of garage sale signs going down 7 Mile Rd and knew to just make it easy for myself and stick to 7 Mile instead of trailing off someone where and we could stop at the garage sales headed back home.

The first house didn't have much, but I left with two scarves. I have this idea to make scarf bags so I've been collecting lots of scarves lately. The second house was ok. The seller had some beautiful dresses that would be great if someone needed them for homecoming or a special occasion. Great shoes, high heels, but not for me. I traded in my heels for sneakers once baby #2 came along. I came across a container full of Goosebumps books. One of my favorite books to read as a kid. I decided to buy 5 of them for LJ to add to her book collection. Now the seller was interesting. He felt the need to make a joke about nearly every single thing I looked at. A joke about the shoes, a joke about the books, a joke about the spools of strings...I get it! 😃. " How long did it take you to come up with those jokes?" I asked. He was harmless but after the first few jokes I was over it. I kindly ended our conversation on a positive note that making someone laugh is a good thing. You never know what someone is going through and a smile, or even a laugh, can completely change someone's mood that day.

The last house I visited was a house that I had visited before. This old lady has a real hustle. I noticed that she has a garage sale sign almost every week and she puts them in the same spot on the road. The first time, I bought some beautiful plus size clothes. This time, I didn't buy too much, just a pair of earrings and a jacket for LJ that will count as another birthday gift. I made small talk with the ladies that sat with the seller and we discussed virtual learning for kids. Ivory was getting a lot of compliments on her high tops that are covered in rainbow sequins. One of the ladies asked about mine and I explained that my brand new Jordan's were hurting my feet terribly. Hubby bought me a pair of Jordan's for my birthday but, how can I step out in style with my damn feet hurting? SUPER SNUG shoes and I have to walk kind of slow. I told her that if anyone is wearing a pair Jordan's and says they're comfortable, they're lying. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells just to keep from creasing them the wrong way trying to look cute.

Anyway, this concludes my long and very tiring thrift shopping day today. Until next time...



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