Let's talk: Are you a frugal shopper or a big spender?

What kind of shopper are you, frugal or a big spender? Don't worry. This is a no-judgement zone!

I'll start.

Before kids, I enjoyed a good shopping spree on any given day. It was very therapeutic but I knew that this was not ideal for me once I became a mother. When I learned to trade in my time and money for other important things, I learned that I had to get comfortable with wearing my clothes. The longer I went without shopping, the more I started to appreciate the clothes I had and didn't feel the need to buying anything new.

Then I started thrift shopping and I found a new love and appreciation for clothes. People were donating the best clothes and I had a chance at getting some great finds for cheaper.

Even as a reseller, I still don't have that burning desire to gradually stuff clothes in my closet. Too much can be very overwhelming for me.

Share your thoughts in the comments on what type of shopper you are.

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Yes, Iā€™m a frugal shopper and love thrift shopping!


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