Cricut Designing - Am I ready to buy a Cricut machine?

Cricut Designing - Am I ready to buy a Cricut machine?

The last couple of years, I've spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest of different DIY projects. Yes, I find majority of my inspiration from Pinterest. Its easy and I can create vision or theme boards for my specific goals, like DIYing, cooking, and fitness. One thing that I've noticed earlier this year is the craze over the Cricut machine. I've seen the projects online and I've seen the machines at the crafting stores. Just by looking at it, it seems pretty simple to use. I thought about getting one until I saw a YouTube tutorial and quickly changed by mind. This machine looks too complicated for me. Yeah, I like the colors and the endless creations that crafters are making. In my mind I thought "They have the time to mess around with that thing. What?! You have to layer every single color individually??? No thank you."

By best friend Erica at Artira Boutique and Artira Things might be the one and only person that has me thinking twice. She started her online boutique 2 years ago while running a full time daycare/preschool business from her home. The boutique business was slow until February 2020 when she decided to give T-shirt making a try. Her investment in buying a Cricut has really paid off and now she is making her on demand T-shirts every day. She initially gained a lot of support for designing shirts for fraternities and sororities and making her custom design drinking glasses too. She regularly posts her videos on Instagram and has redesigned her boutique website to feature her T-shirt designs. Since the pandemic, she also makes custom masks.

Am I convinced? I guess so. Is this the right investment for me? I consider myself to be pretty frugal and I don't like making purchases that I'm only going to use sometimes. Erica makes it look so easy, and to her it is. The only drawback that she has experienced is the size of the images. You can't make the designs really large if you want to cover a large amount of space, but you can still find other ways to get creative with your design.

This machine works for so many crafters and entrepreneurs. 1) Parents, and kids too, can literally make their own clothes just for them. Its not just limited to clothes, you can make home décor too. 2) If you're in the T-shirt making business or maybe making bags, jackets, and even masks, this is a winner. 

I have no desire to make tons of T-shirts but I do have some ideas that could probably look better with using a Cricut. If you still need Cricut inspiration, just check out the endless pictures on Pinterest.


Happy Crafting! 


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