Creating a Healthy Style by Alyssa Couture

Creating a Healthy Style by Alyssa Couture

Happy. Excited. New Current. Complete. These are just a few positive words that come to mind when we describe how our clothes make us feel. Your fashion is unique only to you. Clothes may not be the most important thing in one's life, but for other's fashion has a significant impact on our lives. Did you know that fashion can me healthy if practice the right way?

I want to introduce a special guest, Alyssa Couture, founder and creator of Healthy Fashion Campaign. Alyssa will share her vision of the importance of healthy fashion and how to find the right balance with cultivating your unique style.


thrift shopping + style + health: creating a healthy style


One hot topic in the fashion industry is style. Healthy style is about wearing clothes that make us feel and look good. Everyone has a sense of style. Being able to create a unique and healthy wardrobe style is essential. We naturally improve and create our style throughout our lives, and this is guaranteed to help support our self-care and self-healing journey.

Style is a personal expression that expresses a unique sense of self and a unique sense of fashion. Style is the design elements, colors, and silhouettes that we choose to wear. When we notice what fashions make us spark and glow-- the clothes that jump out for us from the racks or digital screen, these are the garments that express a part of who we are. 

Style is about wearing a selection of clothes that express who we are, and wearing clothing pieces we can’t live without. Coco Chanel once stated: “Fashion fades, style endures.” Fashion and style go together, however, because if you have style, you are fashionable.


5 benefits of thrift shopping + healthy style

  1. When you thrift shop, you find your treasure. You may find one garment, or ten garments while you shop at apparel thrift stores. When you find them, they are like treasures. 
  1. You get to know the clothes you like when you go through all of the different clothing that you wouldn’t normally see at a regular fashion retailer shop. Thrift shopping helps us get to know what we like and what we don’t like, and it also helps us find out more about what our style is. 
  1. Thrift shopping helps save the planet because it reduces landfill waste. 
  1. When you go to the thrift store, you find clothing items you may never find in a clothing store that sells new clothing. So, it is exciting to find rare vintage pieces. 
  1. It is healthy to purchase thrift clothing, because, when you decide you no longer want to wear it, you can easily bring it back to the thrift store and not feel guilty about giving it away because it costs less to purchase second-hand typically.


Two of my favorite secondhand clothing items that I loved + how they supported my style and health

When I shop at thrift stores, and I find something that I was meant to find-- the garment then becomes a very special piece to me. Below, are a couple of fashion items I used to own. I will explain how these secondhand items became a part of my healthy style. 


  1. The moccasins 

One thrift item I owned was a pair of leather moccasins. They covered the ankle, and they were black with mid-length fringe along the ankle. I wore these moccasins out until there was no rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe. I still wore them even when it had no sole. I finally had to throw them out when dirt was getting into the shoe because there was a hole. 

How did these moccasin shoes help support my style and health? They connected me to my Native American roots. I have Native American heritage. They also made my style better, and, they flattered my legs because of the cut of the shoe. They were slightly bohemian-looking, but, I dressed in modern clothing to make the moccasins look trendy.

2. The jersey knit dress 

One other secondhand garment that supported my healthy style was a jersey knit dress that I had found at a large thrift store. I was looking around and thought that I would not find anything. Then, I find this beautiful dress, made in a black and white print, and made with rayon jersey knit. It had a small jersey knit tie for the waist, and it had an A-line silhouette. 

The fabric was a thin jersey knit so it draped very nicely. I loved this dress, and it was one of the most flattering dresses I owned. It had the perfect balance of looking both casual yet dressy. 

I felt very feminine wearing this dress because it was very flattering, and it also looked very high fashion. It gave me confidence. I wore this dress out until the fibers were stretching, and I could see through some parts of the fabric, from the fibers disintegrating, from laundering. 

These two thrift clothing examples-- the moccasins and the jersey dress were purchased not within the same month or day, but I ended up wearing them together at one point and they looked great together. I wore both items for years. These two fashion items helped me feel better about myself.


Expressing ourselves with healthy style

An essential part of a healthy wardrobe style is wearing multiple styles. We can wear many different styles and dress elegant, casual, minimal, bold, tailored, modern, preppy, edgy. 

Another way we can cultivate our style is to review the seasonal fashion magazines. We can look at the fashion magazines and choose fashion styles that we enjoy, and then shop for them in stores and thrift shops.

A few ways we can cultivate our style: have an open mind about clothing and try on clothing you may not typically try on. Also, wearing styled outfits that make us feel comfortable, will make us feel and look more stylish. 

Additionally, we can cultivate our style when we style our old or new wardrobe items, and our thrift pieces into new and freshly styled outfits. Style is cultivated more when certain outfits or accessories are worn daily. 

When we dress in our own style, life becomes easier, and we become happier when we wear clothing that makes us feel and look good. 

When we choose to represent ourselves through clothing, we choose to find who we are and express ourselves more and more. This is a part of the fashion process, and, collectively, it is a part of the holistic fashion cycles of style. Healthy style is an authentic style to be cherished. We radiate with confidence when we create styled outfits that make us embrace who we are.


Alyssa Couture is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. She is currently focused on her campaign: HEALTHY FASHION. HEALTHY FASHION is a blogzine and a service/product-based fashion business that creates + broadcasts enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal. Stay tuned for her new, upcoming fashion book. For more info:  Instagram: @hfcampaign 


Thank you Alyssa for sharing your thoughts.

 Article written by Alyssa Couture


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