Are you overlooking the small details?

Upcycled Purple Beaded Pants


Are you overlooking the small details?

Not me. I'm staring at everything, including the stitching because these little tiny details matter to me.

It's easy to overlook most details because there is something else about the garment that gets our attention the most. The color is perfect. It fits like a glove. The texture is luxurious. Oh hold up! Is that tiny metallic stitching??? 🤗

1) Take a look on the inside of your blazers and jackets. Do they have a patterned lining that you don't notice that often? 

2) How about a beading or embroidery pattern on a bag.

3) Check out the type of stitching that is on your clothes and accessories. This is a big one for me. Pay close attention to your stitching not just for the beautiful details but also to see if there is any bad or defect stitching.

I think that when we slow down and focus on those fine details that may often get overlooked, we learn to have a better appreciation of our clothes. We'll even want to hold onto them longer and wear them more.



Let me know in the comments if you can relate.

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