What are your essentials that you always keep in your purse?

What are your essentials in your purse? Blog post.


I know I shouldn't be asking...but I'm being nosey today. 😁

What are those important essentials that you absolutely have to keep in your purse or wallet?

I'll go first!

Besides my driver's license and other forms of ID, I always carry lipstick, chapstick, hair ties, masks, business cards, money and moisturizer for my hands.

I carry a lot more stuff in my Mickey Mouse backpack but I won't talk about that. 🤐

Your bag shouldn't be loaded down with useless stuff and trash. I know. Easier said than done, especially if you're a busy parent.

When my girls were small, I traded my diaper bags for larger stylish bags and carried my baby and toddler essentials inside. At the time this made sense, but later on it became a nasty habit of keeping an unorganized mess in a beautiful bag.

Let's break this habit if we can help it.

Your purse, backpack, and laptop have a main purpose and using them to store random and unnecessary things is not one of them. Treat them with care.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your bag clean and organized:

Regularly clean the inside of your bag and wallets. Get rid of those old receipts, business cards you might not ever use, crumbs, food and candy, old and dirty makeup and loose change that has found its way to the bottom. 

Only take with you that you know you are going to use all the time. 

If you just can't leave the house without your makeup, pack one lipstick, chapstick and a small eyeshadow/foundation compact. 

To avoid dry skin, pack travel size moisturizers.

Large wallets and bags can create large problems. Consider switching to a smaller bag and wallet from time to time. This is great way to avoid traveling with too much stuff and you avoid having bad neck and shoulder pain from carrying a heavy bag.


I hope these tips are helpful!

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