Lexi's Thrifting Journal, Entry #3

Lexi's Thrifting Journal, Entry #3

Wednesday, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful "warm" Michigan weather and catch a quick estate sale. I haven't been thrifting in a while and I didn't see too many garage/estate sale signs posted on the side of the road. I wanted to enjoy a few hours to myself and Phil looked like he was in need of a break from at least one child...so Ivory tagged along and I made her my photographer for the day.

I decided to head to this beautiful house in Dearborn, MI. I wanted to buy this Harvey Dent shirt that I saw online but by the time I got there it was gone. No worries. This house went on and on and I was still able to get more than enough stuff. I picked up some Christmas decorations and thought it would be a good idea to snatch a few extra DIY Christmas supplies. I'm so glad that I went because I wanted to make decorations this year and getting them at an estate sale was perfect. I came across decorative plates, as usual, and as much as I want to but them I have to say no. The struggle is real to just say no to the shopping impulse and buying things because they look cute or are a good deal. What if I don't use what I buy? That would be a waste. So off we went from room to room. I kept my mind focused on getting a few clothes for myself, a few clothes for the online shop, and a few decorations. Ivory had my phone and she felt very inspired to take pictures of EVERYTHING. She even took pictures of random people that were sellers and shoppers. I have to admit she did a great job. I thought of Phil and grabbed him a few posters for his man cave. I'm going to assume that the previous owners were big on college, sports, and DC Comics. I found an amazing vintage Burberry basket bag that had been damaged. Oh, if only I knew how to fix it I would have bought it instantly, but sadly, I had to walk away. The Burberry earmuffs I couldn't walk away from. Pink plaid earmuffs for 50% off was calling me.

My final total was $39 and I walked away with a few clothes and accessories, Christmas decorations and posters. Not bad. I wasn't in too much of the mood to do big shopping.


Quick Christmas shopping tip

If you're on a budget and searching for vintage Christmas vibes, you should seriously go to a garage/estate sales first. Sellers are selling decorations all year long. If you're lucky (and you will be), you may even com across stuff that's thrifted new! For shopping your area, checkout estatesales.net.




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