Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #1

Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #1

Welcome! I'll be sharing with you my thrifting days. Something short and sweet. I meet great people and visit some amazing spots.

Yesterday, my bestfriend surprised me for my birthday and spent the weekend with me. Since I didn't have too much planned this weekend, I invited her to go thrift shopping with me and went out for lunch.

The weather was perfect so we were able to hit several houses. I haven't been shopping in Plymouth, MI before so I thought that would be a good place to start and work our way back to Livonia. Two houses next door to each other had their sales. Great selection of vintage jewelry and got some wooden napkin holders. I came across this beautiful ring with pearl studs that opened but we were a little grossed out that there was at least 20 year old perfume inside. Now, I've seen old perfume and cologne bottles but never waxy perfume that's been sitting in a ring? I mean - why not just clean it out? As much as I wanted that ring I decided to not get it. The inside of the house was beautiful with high ceilings and lots of space to host lost of parties. There was a large black vintage dish set that was selling for a good price but I kept my focus on the vintage clothes. One of the sellers was trying to convince us to get his leather jacket that he spent $375 for. We just smiled and let him finish his speech about this jacket. I'm wondering "If you feel that passionate about the jacket, just keep it." As I'm getting ready to pay for my things, I let the seller know that I wasn't interested in the multicolor blouse I picked up. I found some questionable stains on it and the blue stitching on the hem didn't look right with the neutral colors. Well, this lady could have been a spokesman for Oxy Clean. She suggested that I use Oxy Clean and she shared her story about cleaning some vintage curtains. I'm sure that it worked just fine for her curtains and I know that in so many words she was trying to convince me to get this blouse. I wasn't convinced but quite surprised with her Oxy Clean marketing. We shared a laugh that she should contact the makers of Oxy Clean to promote their products. if I would have listened for 5 more minutes I would've made a stop at Walmart on the way home. My final purchase at this house was a linen top and a large ring that opens (no yucky perfumes or weird stuff inside).

Has anyone ever tried to shop a sale with bees around? Going to the other sales were ok but the bees were really annoying and we found ourselves dancing around more than shopping. I've been stung by bees before and I was too scared that it would happen again.

I didn't walk away with my arms filled with bags of goodies. No big rush of excitement like I hit the lotto. It was just "eh". What was more important to me was that I was able to spend some time with my BF. I just hope the next time I go shopping that the bees won't be around.

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