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  • Let's talk: Are you a frugal shopper or a big spender?

    Are you are frugal or big spender shopper?
  • Creating a Healthy Style by Alyssa Couture

    Alyssa Couture from Healthy Fashion Campaign shares her thoughts on how we can create a healthy sense of fashion.
  • Are resellers profiting from low income communities?

    Let’s talk. There is much debate about whether or not thrifters/resellers are profiting from low income communities…and a lot of people are unhappy...
  • Take A Break From Washing Your Jeans

    Overwashing your jeans could be damaging. Learn new tips on how to keep them looking fresh.
  • Capsule Wardrobe - Less is more

    Downsizing your wardrobe
  • Lexi's Thrifting Journal, Entry #3

    Feeling inspired to DIY my Christmas decorations from estate sale thrifted finds.
  • Wasting Money on Thrifted Finds

    If you've lived long enough to know, thrifting is not anything new...neither is sewing your own clothes, but is the past several years, thrifting h...
  • Quality vs. cost - which is more important?

    It's no secret, nor are you delusional, that the clothes you like the most are not lasting...or at least longer than a year. There are specific bra...
  • Has the pandemic affected the way you shop?

    Here we are...6 months later into the pandemic. We have been forced to accept this dynamic and abrupt shift into a "new normal" and it has been qui...
  • Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #2

    Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #2

    Small haul today, seller telling too many jokes while I shop, and my feet hurting in my brand new Jordan's.

  • Lexi's Thrifting Journal - Entry #1

    Welcome! I'll be sharing with you my thrifting days. Something short and sweet. I meet great people and visit some amazing spots. Yesterday, my bes...
  • Cricut Designing - Am I ready to buy a Cricut machine?

    The last couple of years, I've spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest of different DIY projects. Yes, I find majority of my inspiration from Pinter...